Gigo Flow

Gigo Flow of „Gitta Spitta“ is an MC and initiator of „Spuck auf Rechts“, a country wide network of MC´s writing lyrics and making videos positioning themselves against the far right. In addition to his work as a lyricist he is also active a media designer and as such he has worked with a number of of artists over the years.

Vanessa Gentile

Vanessa gentile is a singer/song writer. She writes her own lyrics in German and has worked for and with a variety of German MC´s. Currently she is collaborating with „Azad“ on a feature called „Weltbild“. She is also currently collaborating with two producers on a project  called „Schatten und Helden“. She has facilitated many workshops for kids and youths. She is a full-time musician with additional skills in graphic design and video editing



Over the last decade, the art of serious Hip Hop lyricism and skill has steadily risen around the globe. One of the places where it has flourished is Germany, particularly Berlin. In a global village where non-American emcees spit multi-syllabic entendres in several languages, Berlin has produced some of the nastiest. At the top of that pile might be MC Diamondog who, at last count, could not only rhyme in Portuguese (his primary tongue to spit in), but also English and could do so with the rapid fire delivery of Twista… times 10.


Ninjah is an MC, Singer, Songwriter and self proclaimed Nerd from Berlin with Japanese roots. She has ben active since the year 2000 and is currently working on a number of projects.


Dalibor Markovic

Dalibor Marković. Poet.

Born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with a croatian cultural background. As a child he discovered his ability to create sounds and rhythms with only his mouth – the so-called „beatboxing“.

During his study of philosophy at the University of Frankfurt, he started performing at „Poetry-Slams“, a modern form of competition for upcoming poets. Along with two friends and fellow poets he established the Spoken-Word-Team „WordAlert“. In 2010 they were the winning team at the „Zürich Spoken Word Festival“.

In 2014 he won the German Poetry Slam Championship in Dresden with the new-formed team called „Team Scheller“ along with Dominique Macri.

His work on stage is a collage of dialogues, prosaic inserts and rhythmic poetry, which often embodies the beatbox as a link or break inbetween.

Dalibor Marković lives in Frankfurt am Main. 

Damion Davis

My name is Damion, i am an Mc from Germany born and raised behind the iron curtain on the eastside of Berlin. 

I started making music when i was thirteen,  composed my first beats on an mpc and released my debut l.p. in 2003.

I was influenced by bands like The Beastie Boys and Rage against the Machine, my favorite mcs are Elzhi, Tech N9ne, Daylyt, Nas, Cory Gunz and Asap Rocky.

Since 2004 i have worked in different styles of music from alternative rock to urban beats and also acted in 2 german movies about HipHop.

I got a 6 year old son and i also teach kids from the streets how to write poetry.

i got endless rodes, deadly notes plus some murder mooks
couple heavy chords, strong riffs and nasty grooves
got the killer cam,infrared for the perfect view
and a working crew thats now ready to shoot
sounds painful, but no worries for you
cause the only thing that hurts is the truth


Josefine Berkholz

Josefine Berkholz was born in Durham, North Carolina and grew up in Germany. She’s a poet and spoken word performer and currently studies creative writing at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig/Deutsches Literaturinsitut Leipzig. Her spokenword brought her to various places and stages all over Germany and beyond. In 2013/14 she was part of the „Spokenworlds“ project, which brought together poets, spokenwordartists and rappers from Berlin and Nairobi for a cross-genre cross-language album and a whole lot of energetic common performances. Which was great.

Doing this and several other collaboration-projects, she fell in love with interdiscipilnary artistic action and writing in and for a collective. 


CV reads and i quote….“damaged dude who wastes his time producing and constantly working on beats“…allow me to add….dope beats and awesome productions…as everyone will soon be able to hear on the Be-troit album!


Phillip "IpP" Halver

Phillip „Ipp“ Halver was born and raised in Berlin. He is a Filmmaker, Producer and Cameraman (music videos, documentary´s and television). He is active as a DJ and Singer (Hip Hop, Gospel, Soul)

Venice Session

Veniece Session is a Detroit native and recent University of Michigan graduate. She obtained her B.S. in Sound Engineering with a focus in Performing Arts Technology (PAT) and a Minor in Performing Arts Management. During her time at U of M her interests and execution have spanned across the worlds of music, fashion, and art—each equally contributing to her interdisciplinary skill set. Her all around creative talents have lent themselves to live sound, production/artist management, fashion shows, and most recently visual art. She is interested in utilizing her skills in various art mediums to bridge communities together and cultivate creative spaces promoting social justice and the understanding that learning about others. Session firmly believes, that in order to grow, you must continuously ground yourself by reinvesting the knowledge you have acquired back into your community. 

Most recently, she has used her platform to construct her senior thesis #BeBlackBold– a sonic and visual experience that explores the radical understandings of Blackness, personhood, and overall self-love. Through this project she was inspired to create questions such as: “How is Blackness defined,” “How does one own their Blackness,” and “How can Blackness be enacted?” She is dedicated to connecting her work surrounding Black visibility across a global diaspora to the belief in love being the greatest force we have to share and use with each other.


Jamall Bufford

Jamall Bufford bio:

In 2005, following the underground success of the Ann Arbor hip hop group Athletic Mic League, the remaining six members of the group approached Jamall Bufford; then going by the stage name „Buff1,“ with a new plan: it was time to bring him to the forefront as a solo artist. In 2007, Buff1 found critical acclaim with the release of his debut solo album Pure. Okayplayer, the Questlove founded music website, gave Pure 4.5/5 afros, exclaiming “this album, my friends, is incredible…classic like thriller jackets.” He went on to be crowned Real Detroit Weekly’s “Best Solo Rap Artist of 2008.”

After teaming up with the legendary DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies DJ crew to form Crown Royale in 2010, Bufford joined forces with the enigmatic music and art collective The Black Opera. After a short stint living in Los Angeles, Bufford returned home to Ann Arbor in 2011 to work at the Neutral Zone teen center as the Emcee Workshop coordinator and the eventual Music Coordinator. Since beginning his solo career Bufford has gone on to tour the world, performing across the Unites States and in 12 different countries as a solo artist and a member of The Black Opera. 

Now releasing music under his birth name; leaving Buff1 behind, Jamall Bufford continues to show that no matter the moniker or the affiliation, whether it’s his music or his community work, you can expect quality from anything his name is attached to.


Known as a weird ass kid (W.A.K.) Demacio is an anomaly all his own. Demacio is a student of multiple musical genres: soul, rock, jazz, and classic boom bap hip-hop are all a part of his foundation. His ability to bridge modern flows, socio political content with high level lyricism make him a standout in the new school.

As a hip hop chameleon he effortlessly switches between: a cypher spiting fresh freestyles; to a studio session orchestrating deeply layered production.

His content is drawn from his surroundings the pockets of despair, the pain, hurt, and ugliness of his community and is transformed into beautiful poetry and narratives of both external and internal reflection. 


T. Miller

Natasha T. Miller is a performance poet, activist, film producer, four-time women of the world poetry slam top five finalist, and Detroit Kresge artists fellow. Natasha has been apart of many national slam teams, starred in a national sprite commercial, been featured in magazines such as vogue, and entrepreneur mag. Natasha is currently working on opening up the Artists Inn Detroit, a global membership club, and bed and breakfast for aspiring artists. 


As a poet, artist and organizer, Reyes performs internationally and facilitates educational performances and workshops by merging creative expression and critical thought. His mission is to provide a participatory educational environment through poetry and hip-hop to address issues of social justice and cultural identity. 

 His work has been featured on HBO, CNN, PBS, The Chicago Tribunes Hoy Noticias, Latin Nation, Chicago Public Radio, National Public Radio, Pacifica, WBAI, and Democracy Now.

As an interdisciplinary artist he has worked with national activist, organizers, educators and artists such as: Dr. Cornel West, Lolita Lebron, Dolores Huerta, Oliver Stone, Minster Louis Farrakhan, and Kanye West, to name a few.


Supreme flows

Known for his complex rhyme schemes and bars with double and triple meanings, Kwon is a Detroit born word smith with strong ties to not only the streets of Detroit but to his Native American heritage. Kwon seeks to maintain and share the duality of his cultural identity as both a black and Native American young man through the music that he creates. His experiences growing up in the hood ground him and his Native American roots up lift him as he weaves autobiographical pictures rich in both sacred and hood culture, realities, and experiences.

In addition to being an MC he is a producer of music with heavy influences in House, Electronic, and Jazz. 


V I B | S N D S  always had a passion for music at a very young age.  His parents were essential in shaping the person he is today and aided in influencing him with all kinds of music. His father exposed him to funk prior to his understanding of hip hop and its use of funk through sampling; from Parliament Funkadelic, to Bootsy Collins and so much more.  His mother was crucial in exposing him to many of the great singers such as Roberta Flack, Etta James, and Leontyne Price just to name a few. Without this strong musical foundation V I B would not be creating music today . Through this relationship music has played an integral part in V I B’s life and is akin to his best friend, first love, and one of the few constants in his life. Music allowed    V I B to not only find and express himself in a positive light, it also impacts those both near and far who hear his music. VIBESOUNDS assures that music will remain in the forefront and be a permanent fixture in his life. V I B credits his gift of healing through music as a God given talent and guarantees it is just the beginning. 



AsyaIzMeis a singer/songwriter from Detroit,MI.  At a young age she was influenced by legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Brady, and Erykah Badu and their ability to deliver strong lyrical messages; this greatly impacted and began her love for writing. Later AsyaIzMe began singing at 13 years of age, her talent and love for singing created many great opportunities for her. AsyaIzMe was a part of the legendary all women’s Cass Technical High School Harp & Vocal Ensemble.  While pursuing a degree in Composition at the Historically Black, Spelman College she toured around the country with the world renowned Spelman College Glee Club, as well as singing background vocals for various artists in Atlanta and Detroit.  Currently residing in Detroit, AsyaIzMe continues to pursue her music career through collaboration with budding music collective Video7, who has quickly become recognized as one of Detroit’s leading creative performance groups. 

Olad Aden

Olad Aden is an African-German-American Street Social Worker based in Berlin, Germany. In this capacity he has initiated and facilitated a number of youth exchange programs like „The BronxBerlinConnection“. In addition he co-curated a number of cultural projects. In 2010 he co-curated „Translating Hip Hop“ for the House of World Cultures in Berlin. He co-initiated and co-curated „SPOKEN WOR:L:DS“, a Literature/Rap project between Berlin and Nairobi for the Literatur Werkstatt-Berlin. He just concluded working on a project called DExZA, a Poetry/Rap/Music performance exchange program between Johannesburg and Berlin for No Boundaries e.V. funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation/The Goethe Institut and the German Consulate in South Africa. He is currently preparing to travel to Detroit, Michigan with a group of young artists to kick of the Poetry/Rap extravaganza #Be-troit 


Dr Larry Gant

Dr. Larry Gant’s  research/practice interests on ’street level‘ community social work in western style democratic nations led to many visits to Western Europe between 2002-2014.  He secured resources to design the Transnational Intersectional Cultural Learning Community (TICLC) to compare programs, policies and services in youth-related human trafficking, juvenile justice and human migration in the migration hub cities of Detroit, Amsterdam, and Berlin.